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Ceramic art by Jean Girel

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Become a special kind of ‘naut



The Americans’ call their citizens who go into space Astronauts.
The Russians opt for the name Cosmonauts
The Chinese go for the recent name Taikonauts
A special breed of ‘nauts get paid to rest in bed for several months and are the guinea pigs of bone loss research. Those courageous few are called the Terranauts

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Tsukuhami by onogoro bioindustry/SPIRITUAL PLASTIC

If I ran into this in the dark I would die instantly.

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Szabó Ottó aka RobOtto.

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Kepler’s Dream

Project by Michael Burk is an analogue projection device to intimately view 3D printed objects  - video embedded below:

Kepler’s Dream is an aesthetical investigation, exploring analog projection technology in the combination with computationally created content that is given a physical shape through 3D printing.

Inspired by obsolete projection technologies like the overhead projector, and especially the episcope, an installation was designed that generates unique imagery and a fascinating experience.
Mixing digital aesthetics - parametric and generative shapes - with the qualities of analog projection creates an otherworldly look that seems to be neither digital nor analog.
Interacting with the installation creates a deeply immersive effect, as the instant reaction of the projection and the “infinite frame rate“ let this fantastical world come to life.

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